The Lothars

Adler Planetarium, December 6, 2000, in Chicago, IL

The first day of our four-day / three-show "midwest tour." This was the gig that got us out here. We were invited to play for Munro Campagna, a firm that represents painters, photographers, and other visual artists. They print a beautiful calendar every year, featuring the work of their artists, that they give to their clients. The theme of the 2001 calendar was the Adler Planetarium, so the artists all created science and science-fiction themed paintings. To celebrate the release of the calendar, they put on a big party. And who better to provide the music for this party than a theremin band! Go Munro Campagna!

We played in an area of the planetarium building that overlooks Lake Michigan. The party was great: good food, good people. It was to last for 3 hours, so Dean started off the night by doing his trip-hop-ambient thing with occasional accompaniment from one of the other thereminists. Halfway through the party, we did our full-on regular set. The audience was a mix of artists and corporate types. Those who liked us could get up close to watch; those who weren't into it could get far enough away so that we were just background music. Steve Munro, the head honcho, was dressed in a kilt. He was also a pleasure to work with.