The Lothars

Gallery Bershad, October 12, 2000, in Somerville, MA

Our CD release party!!!

CD Release Party Poster As our first live performance in 6 months, we were a little nervous, but Gallery Bershad, in trendy Davis Square, attracted a great audience that put us at ease. First up was Jacaloca, featuring Lothar Jon Hindmarsh and friend Jordi, creating soundscapes on bass and guitar. Next was Rishathra, featuring Lothar Dean Stiglitz and friend Bob creating psychedelically textured electronica on samplers, drum machines, synthesizers, and even a T.V. Finally, The Lothars. This really felt like a turning point for our live performances. We combined improvisations with more planned pieces, but it all felt like an integrated whole. There were still some rough moments, but the overall vibe on stage seemed oodles more comfortable than any show we'd played previous.

Throughout the evening,we were treated to the video feedback improvisations of Steve Hoey, founding member and Chief Safety Inspector of Noise Laboratories. He was amazing, and added a much needed visual element to our statue-like presence. A theremin exhibit in one of the other rooms provided visitors with hands-on fun.