The Lothars

Pi Lam Fraternity, February 5, 1999, in Philadelphia, PA

The first day of our three day "tour." We even rented a minivan for the occasion (one of the bonuses of our unique instrumentation is that five of us, plus our gear, all fit in a minivan!).

Pi Lam is a fraternity at the University of Pennsylvania, that has put on lots of really cool shows in the past, so we immediately thought of them when we were looking to play Phillie. We could not believe our luck when, after we'd already confirmed the date, Olivia Tremor Control and Music Tapes were added to the bill.

Ramona had some technical problems in the middle of the set, and couldn't use her effects pedals, but despite that the audience seemed to like it. Except for the guy who kept yelling for us to sing something.

Everyone at Pi Lam was really nice, and they even let us sleep there, although that was probably a mistake. As Kris put it, "Imagine Animal House in Odorama." We shall say no more. A great place for bands to play though!