The Lothars

Bad Girrls Studio, Nov. 13 1998, in Jamaica Plain, MA

Our CD release party! Thanks to Jonathan LaMaster (remember him? He played with us at our gig opening for the High Llamas), who added us to this eclectic bill. Headlining was Kaffe Matthews, a "demon performer from London who drives her violin through a live sampling system." Other performers included Andrew Neumann who played live electronics; Mike Bullock who played solo upright bass; and Jonathan LaMaster himself who was joined on his violin by Dane Johnson on guitar, sitar, and recorder, Vic Rawlings on cello, and our own Dean Stiglitz on samples. DJ C (of the Toneburst Collective) provided some dance music between sets, and there were also video projections.

We didn't get a soundcheck so the first song was rough as we struggled to hear ourselves. That problem was quickly straightened out, and the rest of the show went well. We had a "first" during this set --- Ramona broke a string! While Dane changed it for her, she temporarily switched to violin and we made up a song on the spot. Someone later told us that that was their favorite song of the set. I'm not sure if we should take that as a compliment or not!