The Lothars

The Knitting Factory, February 11, 1998, New York, NY

This was our first show with the newest Lothars members, Dean and Mike (a.k.a., the guys with the beards). We played in the AlterKnit Theater, a small room that holds maybe 50 people. We had been scheduled to play at 9 PM, but when we arrived we learned that one of the bands had cancelled, so we were moved up to 10 PM. Things were looking good!

At 9:45, we're setting up our equipment and realize that the soundman has disappeared. We'd spoken to him earlier, and he seemed a helpful enough fellow, so we waited patiently for his return. 10 PM comes and goes and still no sign of the soundman. We finally decided that since the room is really small, we'd just play without a PA. Good thing all our songs are instrumentals! Of course, the soundman reappeared just as we were starting up, but we told him to forget about the PA anyway.

Our performance was hit or miss. We thought about half the material worked well; the other half.... ummmm.... didn't. But the response from the 40-50 people present was good --- only a few people walked out while we were playing.

We sold a few tapes after the show, including one to a guy who said he'd heard of us from Time Out New York, a magazine that had listed us as one of their "recommended " shows. This was news to us, so the next morning we set out in search of the issue. We found the listing, and had a huge laugh! To find out what was so funny, visit our Press page.