The Lothars

Scott Lesser's Birthday Party, April 16, 2000, in Cambridge, MA

We did not know Scott before this gig. Scott had never seen The Lothars play, but he had heard good things about us and listened to the tunes on this website. So out of the blue, he asked us to play at his 30th birthday party. Go Scott! It took place at the Middle East Upstairs. Scott rented out the room. Go Scott! Also on the bill were What's Up, Fruitcake? (featuring Leah Callahan from Betwixt and DJ Commodore Vic 20 from WZBC-FM), a reunion of High Steppin' Seafood, and some Belly Dancers!

We played a lot of improvisational material, much of it based on our forthcoming CD, "Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas." We got the usual reaction of indifference mixed with enthusiasm. Well, Scott liked us anyway, and that's what mattered most.