The Lothars

Nick and Susan's Wedding, August 2, 2008, in Cambridge, MA

Nick & Susan had seen us play at Steer Roast two years earlier, and liked us so much that they asked us to play at their wedding. As Nick put it, "we didn't want a wedding band... unless the band was REALLY COOL!" Hey, someone thinks we're cool!

The wedding and reception took place at M.I.T. Despite the significant percentage of techy types, there were a surprisingly large number of people who had never heard of the theremin. We educated them with our usual fare, but if they were listening closely they might have heard snipets of "Here Comes the Bride", "Love Me Tender", and "The Chicken Dance."

We've now played a birthday party and a wedding. We're still waiting for a Bar Mitzvah gig. Anyone know any geeky but hip thirteen-year-olds?