The Lothars

Somerville Community Growing Center, Sept. 12, 1998, in Somerville, MA

Another free event. The Growing Center is a quarter acre educational organic garden owned by the City of Somerville. It's run by a network of volunteers (including Ramona) and offers many community programs.

Once again, our performance started off a little shakey, but this was mostly due to the mosquitos that kept landing on the thereminists hands. Ouch! (or should I say, "Itch!"). After a few songs we were handed some bug repellant from our friend Scott (who was busy projecting colored oils on a giant screen behind us) and the rest of the set proceeded smoothly. We took a break after an hour, and invited folks up to try the theremins and ask any questions they might have. After the break, Ramona's violin made its public debut, as we played a completely improvised jam for about 20 minutes. This seemed to go over well; some people told us it was their favorite part of the concert.

This show also marked the public debut of the latest Lothar, Jon Hindmarsh. We like Jon's theremin playing cause he can, like, play melodies 'n' stuff.