The Lothars

RRRecords, Oct. 17, 1998, in Lowell, MA

Yet another free event. RRRecords is a record store in Lowell, Massachusetts (birthplace of Jack Kerouac) that specializes in weird noisy music. Our kind of store!

It was an "intimate" crowd who came to see us play (i.e. only a handful of people showed), but enthusiastic. Dean's parents watched intently and approvingly. We decided to focus on the less pop side of our repertoire, once again finishing off with an improvised jam that had Ramona switching to her violin. RRRon, the owner told us he really loved the performance, so look for us to return to Lowell sometime soon.

We had just received our CDs the day before, and were able to sell them at the show. Congratulations to Frank Cassazza for being the first person to purchase a copy of Meet The Lothars