The Lothars

Maxwells, February 6, 1999, in Hoboken, NJ

We were very excited to play Maxwells. Jon B., for one, had seen some life-changing shows there, including the Chills and the Ex. To actually perform on the same stage was like an honor (goofy but true!). We played between Eric Gaffney (x-Sebadoh) and Danielson (celebrating the release of their fourth album).

We definitely felt better about this show than the one the night before. More people approached us afterwards to tell us how much they liked it, and we sold a bit of merchandise. The folks in Danielson were especially appreciative. One of them already owned our CD!

Once again, the staff were really nice. Special thanks goes to the soundman who patiently helped Ramona make sure she wouldn't have technical problems again.