The Lothars

"Terrastock", April 26, 1997, at the Rogue Lounge in Providence, RI

The show that inspired the band to get together in the first place! [See The Lothars Official Biography]. We were one of thirty bands that performed over three days in a gigantic old warehouse to an audience of six or seven hundred people. Check out the Terrastock web site for detailed information on this festival. Overall, we were very pleased with our performance. Although the PA was too loud, and there were some feedback problems early on that caused a few people to leave the room with their hands over their ears, many in the audience seemed to enjoy it. One of our new fans was Richard Ingram, an Australian who was starting a new record label called Varispeed Recordings and wanted The Lothars to be on it! Since he was the only person who had expressed any interest in recording us, we quickly agreed. ;)