The Lothars

Artbeat, July 15, 1998, at Seven Hills Park in Somerville, MA

A free event, sponsored by the Friends of the Somerville Theatre, and a part of Artbeat, Somerville's annual celebration of the arts. We played at 7:30 in a small park outside of a subway stop.

Our performance started off a little shakey, but after the first 10 minutes, we got into a consistent groove and the rest of the set went well. It was refreshing to play for a non-"rock-club" crowd. People of all ages turned out --- from an infant who stood front & center and danced to our most extreme droney number, to an old man who watched the theremins with fascination trying to understand what was going on. After the show, several people (including the old man) came up to us to ask about the theremins, and Jon gave a 15 second demonstration to show how they worked.