The Lothars

Terrastock 4, November 3, 2000, in Seattle, WA

Unlike last year's Terrastock in London, all the Lothars made in over for this performance. This show marked the release of our new live CD with Windy & Carl, so we combined our set with theirs. First we played, then Windy & Carl joined us for a 15 minute jam, then we left the stage and Windy & Carl continued with their set. It was all done seamlessly, with no breaks between the sections. Despite some initial feedback problems with Ramona's guitar and violin, it went great. The rough moments we'd had at Gallery Bershad were smoothed over this evening. Folks came up to us all weekend to tell us how much they'd enjoyed our music. As in London, the audience put their money where their mouth was --- we were stunned at how much stuff we sold.