The Lothars

Milky Way Lounge & Lanes, July 31, 1999, in Jamaica Plain, MA

Headlining were W.A.C.O., the Wild Acoustic Chamber Orchestra, a Los Angeles based outfit that feature a string section, flutes, trombone, and bassoon, in addition to the usual guitar and drums. Two members of W.A.C.O., Steve Gregoropoulous and Justin Burrill used to play in the Wild Stares. This was a bit of a reunion, since Ramona, the Lothars guitarist, used to play drums for the Wild Stares.

Playing second were Leather Hyman, some of whose members were also in W.A.C.O.

Both bands were great to hear and watch. They also seemed to like us a lot. Several of them kept telling us how we were the first good band to play with them on their entire tour!

The Milky Way was also an excellent venue to play in. Not only is it a really comfortable space, but the bands got free pizza from the restaurant upstairs, and got to bowl a free string of Candlepin!