The Lothars

WMBR-FM, Oct. 20, 1998, in Cambridge, MA

WMBR-FM is a college/community radio station affiliated with M.I.T., that broadcasts throughout eastern Massachusetts. The Pipeline show is a weekly radio show featuring a live performance by a local band each week. You'd think, seeing as how Jon B. is a DJ on WMBR, that it would have been easy to get this gig. In fact, the opposite was true. We think the host, Bob Dubrow, didn't take us seriously until he knew the CD was coming out. Either that, or Jon B.'s incessant begging finally wore him out.

It was a fun show. Since there was no "audience" we were able to play facing each other, something we do when we practice. This enabled us to see and hear each other more than we usually can when we perform. Craig Wisneski mixed the set and did an excellent job. We were pleased.

We've made one of the songs, Twisted Calliope, available for download on our Tunes page.