The Lothars

Wetlands, July 19, 1997, New York, NY

This show was affiliated with the Intel New York Music Festival --- similar in concept to the Loud Music Festival, but in New York City. We were on a great bill --- we opened for Combustible Edison and Future Bible Heroes. Wetlands was a great club to play at, despite the creepy hippy murals on the walls. The sound in the audience was great, and for the first time, we could hear each other perfectly! Also, the management was a pleasure to deal with, and treated the bands really well. As for the performance, it was the best so far (I guess we just keep getting better!). We actually heard people cheering at the ends of some songs.

There were two notable people in the audience. One was Jon's 89 year old cousin, Fanny, who later told the group that although she had no idea how one would describe the music she had just heard, she still found herself tapping her feet along with it. The other was Steven Martin, the director of the film Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey, and the the man who inspired Jon and Kris to get Theremins in the first place. He was very supportive and even bought a T-shirt.