The Lothars

Berklee School of Music, March 29, 1999, in Boston, MA

Jon H. is a student at Berklee, and secured us this gig in the cafeteria. Being a music school, the PA system was excellent, and the students running the sound were very professional.

Musically, the highlight of the set was a long improvisational piece that segued into a particularly groove oriented version of Beat Hive. We've played that song a million times, but it still manages to be a little bit different each time we do it. At least it seems that way to us.

The other highlight of the evening was that Dr. Robert Moog (a.k.a. the father of the modern synthesizer and the guy who designed the Etherwave theremin that three of us use) was in town and came to see us play. Afterwards, he chatted with us telling us how much he liked the show. He compared us to Glenn Branca, which we took as a great compliment.