The Lothars

"Deep Heaven IV", March 7, 1998, at the Greek American Club in Cambridge, MA

Deep Heaven IV

This was kind of a conglomeration of our first two shows. Unlike the first Deep Heaven, we played on the main stage. We were the first of seven bands on the bill, including three other bands who also played at the first Deep Heaven. Unfortunately, this meant that we went on at 6:15 PM. The organizers tried to flatter us by claiming that we would be a draw that would bring people in early. Yeah, right. Despite our skepticism, there actually were some people (who weren't in the other bands) who came early to see us play.

One condition we insisted upon was a soundcheck, something that none of the other bands were getting, and this helped a lot (if you've been reading from the top, you must think that we're unnaturally obsessive about our stage sound. Just try to play a theremin once on a stage with bad monitors, and you'll understand).

Dean added some cool samples to this performance that he played during and in between the songs. They were from a weird cartoon we taped off of the Cartoon Network called "Baboon and Weasel", in which the baboon plays a theremin.