The Lothars

Happy Holidays 2: Electric Boogaloo CD
Happy Holidays 2: Electric Boogaloo CD Cover Art
Carol Of The Bells

Jingle Bells / Dreidel Song

Oh Holy Night

Oh Tanenbaum

Total running time: 33:39

The long anticipated Christmas CD! Unlike the first "Happy Holidays" CD, this one has more than 88 seconds of holiday-related music. 33 minutes and 39 seconds, in fact. And since "Please Please Me", "With The Beatles", and "A Hard Days Night" were all shorter than that (even the UK Parlophone versions), we're calling it a full-length album.

Groove to "Carol of the Bells", "Jingle Bells / Dreidel Song", "Oh Holy Night", and "Oh Tanenbaum", all done up Lothars Style. The cost is $9.99 plus shipping.

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