The Lothars

The Lothars received this mention in the November, 1997 edition of the Big Briar News. Note that almost everything they wrote turned out to be untrue (but it was true at the time --- honest!).
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Look Who's Playing Theremins!

The Lothars

"The Lothars. . . Three Theremins. . . One Guitar. . . All Heart"

Jon Bernhardt of the Lothars sent this awesome photo, which will be the cover for their debut CD. It will likely be called "Meet The Lothars" and feature the artwork shown here. If it seems familiar, think "Meet the Beatles." The CD will be released in early 1998 on a small Australian record label called "Varispeed Recordings." They also have t-shirts available with the "Meet The Lothars" design ($15 postpaid within the 48 states). They have set up a website with up-to-date Lothars info.