The Lothars

From the February, 2005 edition of The Noise, a Boston area fanzine.


The Lothars bill themselves as The Only Theremin Ensemble That Matters, and since I haven't heard of any other theremin ensembles taking exception to the claim, I say we give it to them. Tonight they are two theremins, one hammered dulcimer, and a flautist who also runs a lot of electronics (including the mixing board, which explains why the dulcimer is nigh-inaudible). The electronics unfortunately include some canned rhythms, but they are fortunately used sparingly. The theremins are both put through a bunch of effects, and if you've never heard a theremin with delay on it, you're missing out. I mean, they're spacey enough by themselves. You can just imagine. The overall effect is VERY trippy and ambient, and I'd actually like to hear a bit more structure from time to time, but it's weird and different and arty as fuck, which makes it perfect for its environment.

(Steve Gisselbrecht)