The Lothars

From The Brutarian Week in Review, July 14, 2000. An interview with The Lothars also appeared in Brutarian issue # 31 (not available online).

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Not since the heady days of psychedelia when combos like Windopane and Aorta tripped over the land like collossi have we found ourselves putting our minds on hold and just... floating. Wandering aimlessly but determinedly nevertheless to the free form compositions of THE LOTHARS, a quintet in which four of the five members play theremins! Sometimes all at once! Keeping things from disintegrating into anarchy are the minimalist constructions of Ramona Herboldsheimer's guitar and violin. Ramona's ur-riffs provide grounding for the swooshes and swoops, bleeps and blips and otherworldly oscillator flights of fancy zooming in and out of the foreground. As you might expect, most of this stuff wouldn't sound out of place during the final twenty minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, cuts like "Bleep-Bloop" and "Banjolin," display a wicked sense of humor. Dom Salemi