"Tackling four Christmas standards and one Hanukkah one to boot, the snarkily titled collection makes for a fascinating and darkly beautiful take on a holiday album... With each song sliding into the next like a mysterious dream, this album could almost be the soundtrack to -- if not quite a nightmare -- a Yuletide when dark ice rather than snow is on the ground, and the clear winter stars are shrouded in heavy clouds."

"[The Lothars] wring sadness and beauty from such instruments as the hammer dulcimer and the theremin. The live improvisations sound like elegies for Martians, or love songs for robots."

"The Lothars do an admirable service for the credibility of theremins in modern music"

"The Lothars... produce as many weird and wonderful ideas that can be squeezed, whooped, whistled and screamed from these hip retro-electro antiques."
---Alternative Press

"[The Lothars] create a vibe that's simultaneously spacy, silly, and spellbinding... The overall atmosphere is one of adventure, rather than mere novelty."

"The Lothars conspire to create a monstrous edifice of noise."
---The Wire

"...sort of like Shonen Knife doing Merzbow covers... [The] combination of naive electronics, self-conscious humor and gothic horror will no doubt incite a horde of imitators."
---New York Press