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This is a copy of what we have just sent out to the Lothars Mailing List:

The Lothars: Live(!), On the Radio(!!) and On the TV(!!!)


On April 29, The Lothars return for their annual visit to local Somerville haunt P.A.’s Lounge. This time around, we are opening for Alasehir, a side project of Bardo Pond brothers John and Michael Gibbons with drummer Michael Zangha. Also on the bill are D.C. psych improvisors Kohoutek. Come for the theremins; stay for the barrage of psychedelic noise!

On the Radio(!!)

Listen closely to your local NPR radio station over the next day or so and you may hear some Lothars music! Open Source is a radio program syndicated by Public Radio International to radio stations around the country. The episode being taped this evening (Monday, April 23) features the theremin. The guest will be the always charming Pamelia Kurstin, who will perform and be interviewed by host Christopher Lydon. We’ve been told that they will be playing tunes by the Lothars coming out of the breaks.

Open Source airs live in Boston at 7pm EDT on WGBH, 89.7FM, and either live or pre-recorded elsewhere. Here’s a list of stations that carry the show. You can also listen to WGBH streaming live over the Internets.

On the TV(!!!)

Lothars member Jon Bernhardt was recently “discovered” by the folks at White Castle who whisked him to Los Angeles to film a pair of 30 second ads. Trying to cram all the details into this email wouldn’t do it justice, but you can read all about it on the Lothars Blog. It’s the hilarious but heartwarming tale of a small town thereminist trying to make it big in the City of Angels. Or not.

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