The Truth Is Out There…

…if by “The Truth” you mean “An advertisement for White Castle starring yours truly playing the theremin,” and if by “Out There” you mean “on the TV.”

Yep, I got an email the other day from my friend Marc in Chicago that he’d seen the ad while watching a Simpsons rerun on Fox 32! I’ve asked the ad agency if they can get me a schedule of when it will air again; if they respond, I’ll be sure to post it here.

Marc also shared with me his own “True Castle Story“:

“when i first saw the ramones in 1982? at Metro, me and my friend went to see them and on the way home we stopped at a White Castle and we’re eating our sliders and the Ramones actually walked in for some burgers. I must have been 17 , best rock experience with White Castle until you of course ;-)”

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