Compiletely Lothars

While procrastinating a write-up of my experiences in Los Angeles this past week, I took the time to add two songs to the Lothars Jukebox.

The first is an outtake from the Metallic Sonatas sessions that appeared on a 2003 compilation called Grain from the dotdotdot label out of Ireland. Subtitled “a compilation of 99 short tracks,” we were number 86.
The second is a cover version of The Call Up, written and originally recorded by The Clash. It’ll be released on May Day this year via a double CD tribute to Sandinista!, that also includes contributions by Jon Langford, Camper Van Beethoven, Wreckless Eric, Amy Rigby and Steve Wynn. We are in strange, but flattering, company. You can read more about The Sandinista! Project here.

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